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Working together, our experienced engineers provide maintenance and lifecycle support solutions that work for your business.

We understand technology and we know how to bring this knowledge and understanding together to provide exceptional support to your enterprise. Determining the most cost-effective maintenance agreement, we will allow you to do away with time consuming routine software maintenance and enable you to focus on your core competencies.

SysInterface offers a range of applications and IT infrastructure support, tailored to your needs. we can support an entire suite of systems or a single business-critical application, such as a website. We also offer service transition from onsite to offsite, offshore or dual-shore services. Our professional, multi-skilled, team-based support services produces significant benefits.

Conventional software engineering focuses on a small part of the SDLC - the design and implementation of a software solution. However, the bulk of the lifetime cycle cost of the software is in the maintenance phase. Software maintenance is the phase in the software development process that follows deployment of a software solution into the field. Maintenance is needed to ensure that the software continues to satisfy user requirements. Maintenance must be performed in order to:   

  • Correct defects
  • Improve the design
  • Implement enhancements
  • Interface with other systems
  • Adapt programs so that different hardware, software, system features and telecommunications facilities can be used
  • Migrate legacy software 
  • Retire software

SysInterface provides you the Software Maintenance Service which handles small to large complexities pertaining to your business applications. Our software maintenance involves enhancing and optimizing deployed software, remedying defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the delivery of new functionality to improve the software's usability and applicability. Modification requests are logged and tracked, an impact assessment is completed, code and other software artifacts are modified and tested, and a new version of the software product is released.

Our Software Maintenance models:

Corrective Maintenance:
Correct/fix discovered problems. Fix design, logic, and coding errors.
Adaptive Maintenance:
Adapt a software product to be usable in a different environment; implement changes required to move to different hardware/software platform.

Perfective Maintenance:
Improve performance or maintainability.

Preventive Maintenance
Detect and correct latent faults in the software product.

The quality and efficiency of software maintenance is heavily dependent on the expertise and experience of the maintenance team.Our highly team ensures that maintenance is done right.