Business Intelligence
and Data Warehousing

We understand the importance of being able to drive better decision making throughout your organization.

We also understand that the foundation to successful decision making is accessing manageable data that can be converted to easy-to-understand actionable information. Let us show you how to deliver concrete,comprehensive and secure information throughout your enterprise that will help you achieve your corporate objectives and enable you to retain your competitive advantage.

Visible and accurate business information is crucial for all organizations. Most businesses are faced with an abundance of data but surprisingly few have the information they need for timely and accurate decision making-or worse, they are misled by inaccurate or poorly presented data.

SysInterface’s BI team has extensive experience in defining intelligent solutions that focus on providing useful and timely information that meets the requirements of the business. We utilize the best practices in data modeling and data warehouse design coupled with in-depth technical expertise to ensure that the right technology is used effectively SysInterface’ experienced team combines their BI expertise with relevant technologies to increase your organizations’ ability to:

Drive business improvement
Providing you with the ability to make fast decisions and focus on areas requiring immediate attention.

Provide information that reinforces the business strategy
Allowing your organization to measure itself against the defined goals and objectives, ensuring KPIs (key performance indicators) are useful and relevant.

Provide consistent reporting and information sharing
A single version of the truth that is easily accessible by everybody and reporting tools that are selected based on the requirements of the users and the available information.

Standardize data
Multiple disparate systems result in fragmented information that is often stored in different formats. BI can help standardize and rationalize this data.

Improve data quality
If you can see the information clearly you can identify anomalies within the data quickly and activate initiatives to clean the data. SysInterface’s development team works with clients to design, build and deliver custom business intelligence solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We can engage at any phase of a project:

  • Business needs analysis and specification writing
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Solution building and deployment
  • Ongoing solution hosting and operational support

The Business Intelligence Roadmap is designed to ensure the right solution is implemented and aligned with the business strategy and reporting requirements. Our team will work with you to understand the current reporting capabilities, data quality and data integration issues in your business and, using the roadmap, will help plan, design and implement an Intelligent solution that’s right for you. We can utilize existing technologies that you already have in place, or advise you of the best emerging tools and technologies to fit your current and future needs.

SysInterface has developed a BI Roadmap, successfully helping our clients implement BI strategies and unlock the potential of their data. The process takes a business through strategy clarification and definition of relevant KPIs, mapping these to the data sources, and design and implementation of a data warehouse and relevant reporting tools.

Business Intelligence (BI) can help an organization effectively measure its business strategy through well-defined KPIs, integrated data and accurate information.

Business Intelligence Value Proposition:

1. Optimize information through superior processes and tools, resulting into higher quality analytics and measurements.
2. Ensure effective decision making by converting raw data into targeted and meaningful information, thus driving positive business change.
3. Effectuate top and bottom line growth by providing the right people with the right information.
4. Successfully cut down investment costs by building a consistent, integrated data warehouse.
5. Have access to analytic dashboards facilitating the management of business activities and performance at a glance.
6. Usage of a well-managed data warehouse system to achieve a faster ROI.